Posted On: June 19, 2008

Pro Se Divorce: Why Bother With An Attorney?

Robert R. Gray, Senior Paralegal and Office Administrator

"Divorce attorneys are expensive ... I bet I could save LOTS of money if I did my own divorce ... after all, my wife and I are on friendly terms. Of course, I would have a paralegal check out the paperwork, but at a fraction of the cost."

Just writing this brings up bad memories. That was me 15 years ago ... a pretty smart guy, Project Manager for a manufacturing company, college degreed and pretty competent with documents, etc. I saved at least $3000.00 by not hiring a lawyer! So far, so good.

Three years after the divorce, two of my children graduated from high school. They had stayed with me so they could get through school. Their mother moved out of state when we were divorced. It was OK, I didn't need her to pay child support for those kids that stayed with me! The day I recieved the notice that my wages were being garnished for $16,000.00 of back child support ... well ... that got my attention. I'll never forget the three little words my ex-wife said to me when I called her to ask why I was being charged child support for the children that had resided with me the past three years. Those three words ... "READ THE PAPERS"!

You guessed it ... somehow, some way, the Final Decree showed she had the children! Of course, I wasn't worried, all I would have to do is call the court and let them know of the mistake. Funny, they said the same three words ... "Read The Paper"!

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